WEDNESDAYS at Hitchcock

Come and join in good food, fellowship, Christian Education, youth programming, and Kid’s choirs...all in one night!

Afternoon Children Choirs

(For more information see Music/Children's Choirs tab)

5:30-6:45- Dinner

(Cost is  $7 per person or $25 per family. No reservations are required.)

5:30-7:00- Youth Forum

(For more information see Christian Life/Youth tab)

7:00-8:00- Adult Kerygma

Kerygma 2019 : Parables: Stories for Life in God's World

Jesus was the master of the parable! Deceptively simple, these timeless stories were used by Jesus to bring new life to old ways. Kerygma classes will discover God's truth for today's dilemmas. Booklets are $20.00 each.