The Sunday Seminars

         While trying to explain the difference between Methodists and Presbyterians, one online commentator said the following, “One difference would be that Methodists are influenced by German Pietism and the focus on the emotions, the inner life, and holiness, whereas Presbyterians are more intellectual or cerebral in tone.”  While we would certainly disagree with the over-generalization of this comment, and think we focus quite a lot on emotions, we are happy to take up the mantle of intellectualism (Talk about being counter-cultural)! 

          Hitchcock Sunday Seminars provide an opportunity for the members of Hitchcock, and the larger community, to learn from an expert in whatever topic we are discussing!  Beginning at 6pm with a fabulous Jensina dinner ($15.00), followed by a presentation, and then time for questions and answers, the format provides extraordinarily intimate access to real information.  In an age when anyone with an internet connection and a keyboard can claim to be an expert in any field (as demonstrated in the quote above), facts are more important than ever! 

          Last year, we had a NASA scientist discuss climate change, a digital security expert discuss internet safety, and a panel of people including a lawyer and two DACA recipients discuss immigration policy.  Friends, knowledge is power, and an open-mind is fertile ground!  You are invited to join us from 6pm-8pm on the Sundays listed below:

On September 30 2018, our speaker will be Nelba and Jim Marquez-Greene from Sandy Hook.

Come for lunch at 11:45 am, Program begins at 12:30 pm - Click Here for more information

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October 4, 2018   

January 13, 2019  

March 17, 2019   

June 2, 2019  

(Topics and Speakers to T.B.A)

Cost is $15 per person; dinner & program begin at 6:00 pm in the Lower Children's House.


All are welcome…