Cross Check: Hitchcock Presbyterian Church Confirmation Class 2017-18


Confirmation is about standing up for what you believe, not putting others' faith down. There is room at Hitchcock, and in this class, for all God's children. Let's grow together in Spirit!

9th graders, and any other senior high-aged students who wish to become confirmed members of the congregation, are invited to be a part of the confirmation class. Registration takes place in September and the class meets on Sunday evenings throughout the school year. Each confirmand is paired with an adult mentor for the year. Confirmation takes place in May. If you have a child that is interested in Confirmation Class, please contact the church office.

Confirmation meetings are monthly on Sunday evenings at 4:30 pm.
 Lesley Pella-Woo, Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministry

For more information, download these files:

Welcome to Confirmation Class 2016-2017

Luke’s Gospel Study and Prayer Guide

Worship Notes

Sunday School Questions

Study Catechism

Sunday School Sign-Up

Confirmation meets weekly on Sunday mornings from 9-10 am, beginning on March 5, 2017.

Facilitator: Lesley Pella-Woo, Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministry,

For further information contact Lesley at

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