Sunday Morning Adult Study

 Sunday Mornings at 9:00 in the Library 

Led by Bill Weisenbach

“For centuries, Christianity has been presented as a system of beliefs that has supported a wide range of unintended, from colonialism to environmental destruction, subordination of women to stigmatization of LGBTQ people, anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, and white privilege.”

For centuries, Christians have presented God as a Supreme Being who showers blessings upon insiders who share certain beliefs and proper institutional affiliation, but who punishes outsiders with eternal conscious torment.”

“For centuries, Christianity has presented itself as an 'organized religion' – a change-adverse institution that protects and promotes a timeless system of beliefs that were handed down fully formed in the past.”

In his amazing book, “The Great Spiritual Migration”, author Brian McLaren argues that all the above statements are untrue. Faith is not a problematic system of beliefs, but a just and generous way of life; God is not the cosmic punisher, but as one who, as revealed in Jesus, demonstrated parental tenderness; the church is not unchanging, but constantly adapting to the contours of the time.

Order your copy of McLaren's book from your local bookstore or from Amazon, read the introduction, and join us Sunday mornings at 9am in the Library beginning September 8, for what promises to be very lively discussions.